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potassium tert-butylate; dichloromethane;

reactants are commercially availlable.
kunz, arthur, wo2015/187596, a2, (2015) to a 250 ml round bottom flask equipped with a magnetic stirrer, thermocouple, condenser and nitrogen inlet was charged 6-hexanolactone 14 (3.7 g; 32 mmol) and i-buoh (100 ml) in dcm followed by i-buo k (3.9 g; 35 mmol; 1.1 equiv.). this solution was stirred and heated to reflux for 3 hours. the solution was diluted with toluene, washed with water and brine, dried over na2s04, filtered and concentr ated to afford 4.8 g (80percent yield) as a clear yellow oil. 1h-nmr (500 mhz, cdc13): delta 3.65 - 3.62 (m, 2h), 2.32 - 2.29 (m, 1h), 2.23 - 2.20 (m, 2h), 1.66 - 1.55 (m, 4h), 1.43 (s, 9h), 1.41 - 1. 35 (m, 2h).

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