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英文名称:(r)-tert-butyl 2-methyl-4-oxopiperidine-1-carboxylate


分子量: 213.27
cas no.:790667-43-5




toluene-4-sulfonic acid; acetone;

reactants are commercially availlable.
sankyo company, limited, ep1375482, a1, (2004) to a solution of 1-t-butoxycarbonyl-2-methyl-4-piperidone ethylene ketal (6.00 g) obtained in reference example 82 in acetone (150 ml) was added p-toluenensulfonic acid monohydrate (4.40 g) with stirr ing under ice-cooling, and the resulting mixture was stirred at room temperature overnight. after stirring, the reaction mixture was diluted with ethyl acetate, and the organic layer was washed succes sively with a saturated sodium hydrogencarbonate solution and a saturated aqueous sodium chloride solution. the organic layer was dried over anhydrous magnesium sulfate and evaporated in vacuo to affo rd the title compound (2.40 g, yield: 48 percent) as a yellow oil. 1h nmr (500mhz, cdcl3) delta ppm : 1.18 (3h, d, j=7.0), 1.49 (9h, s), 2.20-2.30 (1h, m), 2.30-2.40 (1h, m), 2.45-2.55 (1h, m), 2.6 5-2.70 (1h, m), 3.25-3.35 (1h, m), 3.90-4.05 (1h, m), 4.20-4.30 (1h, m).

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