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carbon tetrabromide; triethylamine; acetonitrile;

reactants are commercially availlable.
tetrahedron letters, vol. 56, 41, (2015), p. 5623 - 5627 general procedure: to a mixture of ketone (0.5 mmol), thiourea (0.5 mmol), and triethylamine (0.5 mmol) in acetonitrile (3 ml) was added carbon tetrabromide (0.5 mmol) in a round bottom flask at room temperature and the reaction mixture was stirred for 2-6 h. after completion of the reaction (monitored by tlc), water (5 ml) was added and the mixture was extracted with etoac (3*5 ml). the combined organic phase was dried over mgso4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure to give the crude product. the resulting product was purified by silica gel column chromatography using a gradient m ixture of hexane/ethyl acetate as eluent to afford an analytically pure sample of 3.

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