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n-chloro-succinimide; dibenzoyl peroxide; tetrachloromethane;

reactants are commercially availlable.
tabart, michel, us2002/22631, a1, (2002) 5-chloromethylthiazole: 11 g of n-chloro-succinimide are added to a solution of 8.2 g of 5-methylthiazole in 250 cm3 of carbon tetrachloride, followed by addition of 0.1 g of benzoyl peroxide. the mix ture is heated for 20 hours at a temperature in the region of 80°c. and is then exposed to uv for 5 hours. the reaction mixture is cooled, filtered and concentrated under reduced pressure (1 kpa) at a temperature in the region of 20°c. 6.4 g of 5-chloro-m ethylthiazole are obtained [mass spectrum: dci m/z=134 mh ]

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