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triethylamine; tetrahydrofuran; dichloromethane; tetrahydrofuran; dichloromethane;

reactants are commercially availlable.

eli lilly and company, wo2004/9086, a1, (2004) place dimethylamine (5.25 ml of a 2.0 m solution in thf, 10. 4 mmol), triethylamine (2.04 ml, 14.68 mmol) and dichloromethane (30 ml) in a round bottom flask. cool this solution to 0°c, while stirring, and add a solution of 4- bromobenzenes ulfonyl chloride (2.5 g, 9.78 mmol) in dichloromethane (30 ml). add additional dichloromethane (10 ml) and stir the reaction overnight, letting it warm to ambient temperature. concentrate the reaction in vacuo. take up the resulting solid i n ethyl acetate and filter. evaporate the filtrate in vacuo and dry the resulting solid by vacuum to give 2.50 g of 4-bromo-n, n-dimethyl-benzenesulfonamide (97percent). place 4-bromo-n, n-dimethyl-benzenesulfonamide (1. 00 g, 3.77 mmol), b is (pinacolato) diboron (1.15 g, 4.53 mmol), pdcl2 (dppf)2 ch2c12 (97 mg, 0.13 mmol), potassium acetate (1.11 g, 11.32 mmol) and anhydrous dimethyl sulfoxide (12 ml) in a round bottom flask. put the reaction in an oil bath and stir at 90°c for 8 hours. cool the purple colored reaction to ambient temperature, quench with ample water and extract the resulting aqueous mixture into dichloromethane. wash the combined extracts with water and brine; then dry (sodium sulfate) and eva porate the extracts invacuo. putif, v the resulting solid on a flash column (silica gel; 2percent-5percent gradient ofetoa-c in ch2ci2, load material in ch2c12) to provide 900 mg of the title compound (77percent).

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